Once in a lifetime, someone truly special comes into your life. And stays forever.
They might fade away with time..sometimes way too soon.
But their spirit and the mark they’ve made on your heart will live on for life.

3 years ago today, that someone faded away from me.
Sooner than anyone of us could have seen coming.
3 years ago, I learned just how unfair this world could be.
But I also learned just how strong the friendship I’ve had was.

Heaven might have taken my angel that day, but at least I know she’s where she truly belongs now.
This world was never her home.
She was sent here to bless the lives of the ones who had the privlidge to meet her along the way.
She was sent here to teach us, to spread love where needed and to put a much wanted smile on our faces in times of need.
She was always an angel…
And I believe she’s in her rightful spot now, on the edge of a cloud somewhere..looking down on the ones who was lucky enough to have made their way into her heart.

That one special person, is the one that changes you for the better.
That serves as a place to run to, that feels like a million worlds away.
It’s the one you want to call when something happens in your life.
The one you don’t know just how much you need…..Until they’re not there anymore.

My special person came into my life, just when I needed her the most.
She held my hand, changed my view, my life and myself as a person.
She brought colour back into a world that had grown dark. Filled with thorne covered branches.
Clouded skies and thunder in every corner.

In the begining, I didn’t think she was the type of person I needed…
Turns out I was looking at the picture all wrong.
Cause she was exactly what I needed…everything I wanted… and so much more.

She was my mirror, my reflection in the looking glass.
So alike, but yet so different.
So close to picture perfect, but still so close to the edge.

She made a mark on my heart, a scar deep enough to never fade.
Her spirit is sitting next to me. Hand on my back, heart on her sleeve, with what I hope are tears of pride in her eyes.
At least I wish this to be true.

I Never wanted to let anyone in…..thank god I made the only exception for you <3

Rest in Peace, my Angel.