You may think I’m crazy.
But do you really believe that it’s the «normal» people, that makes the changes in the world?.

No, You gotta be a little crazy to do that.
You gotta be a little crazy to believe, that you can do it all.
All by yourself, with no safety net. No lawyer or bigshot millionare.
You gotta be crazy to think you can change the world, and make dreams into reality. When everyone is trying to tell you, you can’t.
you gotta be crazy to try. To even take the first step towards anything.

So… thank you for telling me that I’m too crazy to make it. That I’m out of my mind to even try.
Thank you for telling me that the voices inside of my messed up head, is gonna see for it, that I don’t get anywhere in life.
Or anywhere my dreams are willing to take me.

Those voices, my selfdoubt and the OCD monster inside of my head, may make me crazy.
It may make me want to give it all up at times.
But it also makes me stand up and fight.
I’ve been in a war with all of them for years. And all the doubters along the way.
Well, they’re just new names to the long list of things to fight and people to prove wrong.

I believe, I was set on this earth to make a difference.
So what, if I don’t change the world.
So what, if i don’t save the children or the fuzzy bunnies.
If I can make someones day, just a little bit brighter.
If I can help that one kid, sitting in their room, with tears in their eyes, wondering how they will ever make it.
Then that means more to me, than any money. Any award or any form of «pat on the back», from some officeworker,
that had no faith in me anyway.


I’m strong. Yeah. I can finally say that now.
I’m strong. I’m honest. And I’m a dreamer.

I may be a working progress.
But that doesn’t mean I will give up anytime soon, or that I will take the worlds words, too much to heart.

I’m fighting.
For myself, for my dreams. For the chance that someday this girl CAN change the world.
And most of all. I’m fighting for that little girl or boy, that may just need a person to look up to and say.
«If she can do it, I can do it!».

You can tell me I’m wrong, tell me I’m just not good enough.
Tell me that I should change my mind, or go a different way.
But I believe deep down in my heart. That I’m in the right place.
I’m on the right track and I am so much tougher than you ever gave me credit for.

I guess, sometimes you just gotta get up. Brush the dust of your shoulders and say «Fuck you».
I’m gonna make it, no matter what. With or without anyones help.

Cause I…. I was BORN FOR THIS!