Ten years ago, we walked out of the school doors for the last time.
The troublemakers, the bullies, the bimboes, the dancers, the horsechicks, and all the inbetweeners….OH, and shy little me.

We all went on with our lives. To find our own paths, our own dreams and our own versions of reality.
Some of us got it easy, some of us went the wrong way for a while, and some of us…well… let’s just say, It wasn’t easy.

I learned a lot last night… not just about the people I used to know.
But about myself…about the things I value in my life and what really matters.

Boyfriends may come and go. «Friends» may come and go too. People can stop caring and some people just never seem to change.
Some lost their path along the way, and some keep chasing the same dream until the last breath comes out.

You can’t change it all, and maybe you can’t really change the world.
But that sure as hell doesn’t mean, that I’m gonna stop trying.

I may be shy and socially awkward….I may be the quite girl next door and the one who never said a word.
But you know what?
I grew up. I got strong. And I don’t take anything in my life for granted anymore.
I got friends that are more like my family. And I still got dreams that are worth fighting for.
I work hard and I believe in myself even harder…. and you know why?
Because I’m crazy enough to know that I can do it…. and to prove people like you, wrong!!

Cheers to ten more years!