I may not be a teacher. I may not be a president, a queen or a doctor.
I may not be god, or have any godlike powers what so ever.
I may be just a girl, and I may just be a little too much of everything at times.

But I am a sister. I’m a daughter and I’m a «soon to be» Aunt, to a sweet little baby girl.
And it’s my biggest dream and hope, that my niese can grow up to find inspiration from my stories.
And that she can find comfort in my words.
I hope she grows up with dreams, that she chases through it all. Because she saw that I did.
I hope to be a rolemodel to her, when the world around her is trying to change her mind.
And I wish to be a protective hug, when the world is trying too hard to push her around.

I hope she can soften up the fighter in me, just a little bit around the edges.
And I hope that a little of my strength, just might rub off onto her.

I hope that the kicks and the touches. The toes, fingers and headbups I felt, were her way of telling me how much she looks forward to seeing me in a few months time.

Hopefully just as much as I look forward to seeing her and to finally hold her in my arms.
Until then, babygirl. I will keep your pushes and shoves in the back of my mind, to remind me.
We both know you’ve already made a footprint on my heart.

She’s my new favorite thing.

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