«It’s not about how many times you’ve been knocked down. But how many times, you get back up!»

Today, a lovely lady sat down with me, for a  five minute chat……but is staying with me for a lifetime.
She talked to me about her life, her stuggles.
And put her old, but beating heart, on the table.  For my sore eyes to see.

Her honest words and her fighting spirit, left marks in my mind. But also a big one on my heart. Alongside all the stitches, cuts and faded bruises that is already a part of me.

I didn’t believe she was real…Cause like a fairy godmother, she came out of  nowhere.
But changed my day, my week and possibly my life forever.
With just a few simple words. With just the power of honesty.

The fact that pain and anger, can drive someone so far in life… as it has done for this beautiful lady.
So far into a corner that all you have to do, is keep going. Is so interesting to me….
I relate to that lady, in more way than I would have seen coming.
But also learned from her words of wisdom.

I’m proud of that lady. I am.
86 years old and still going. Even with almost no eyesight. Legs that barely keep her on the ground. And no family at all.
A husband that had serious heartproblems, and a society that tells her to just keep walking or give up.

She keeps walking. Goes out shopping and takes the long steps home to the loneliness.
That woman is a fighter. She’s a hero.
And someone who despite it all, still lives on.
No matter what the world tries to throw at her.

I don’t care about her past, or the fact that she couldn’t see me.
Cause I could see her… clear as day.
She changed my mind.
She made me think.
And she made me realize, that even though I may not know what I want, right now.
I will someday.
And no matter what I decide to do.
I will always make it. With the power of strength and little bit of courage.

I guess, sometimes in life, you learn lessons you never really knew you needed….
And the words you needed to hear, and the stories that will change you.
Will find you, even if you don’t go searching for them.

Thank you, to the lovely lady with the hopeful eyes of gold.
You’re so special. And I hope you find happiness…if not in this life, then in the ones to come.
You may not have realized what you did, or how much I needed your words.
But thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Keep fighting, stay strong, and don’t let anyone keep you from walking on.
You’re my hero.