Lovely food and good wine. Music from another world, and twin dancing til the end of the night.
Lipstick stains on broken glasses and empty bottles covering the countertops.
It may not have started as a party, but that sure was what it became.
A party of bestfriends and memories. Latenight skypecalls and endless school day memories facing the surface.
Dance moves that should not be aloud at any dancefloor what so ever. And sing-a-long songs that most would have forgotten with time.
But not us… No, not us.
Us, were an escape from the cruel cruel world once. Us, is the start of something new.
Us, is a safe place to land. The blanket that will always feel like home.

The night started out slightly underdressed, but ended, being dressed head to toe in love.
With friendships I hold dear, closer to my heart than ever.
And with pieces of myself, shifting into place, all on their own.

It was good to know. That even though so much has changed in my life, and in myself…
Some pieces of me, never will.

I will always be the bestfriend my girls choose to love. I will always play my music way too loud and sing at the top of my lungs, to the songs I love the most.
And last but not least… a part of me will always be the colourful soul of a girl, that wore studded belts and listened to songs about hating the world.
I guess thats just who I am… and I feel proud now to say, that I always will be THAT GIRL!

I still can’t believe how far we’ve come from those three girls that started high school together.
The three musketeers that gave names to the benches at the mall.
That laughed so loud, the theachers wanted to kick us out. And that gave it all to stay together, through it all.

I love these girls, more than they will ever know.
They are two of the people I can be myself a 100% with…which is not an easy thing for me to do.  Trust me.

I trust these girls with everything I am, and every thought in my mind.
And they’ve never judged me for it…well, at least not to my face that is.

They got to know me in a time where I barely wanted to know myself.
They took me into their arms back then, and haven’t let go yet… even though I’ve made it anything but easy for them, to hold me down.
They became friends with a little baby bird with a broken wing, too scared to fly.
But they’ve stucked by me and held me up when I was too scared to take a leap of faith.
They’ve pushed me to reach the highest brances and made me believe that someday I will fly like an eagle.
Proud and fearless.

They know me for the girl I really am….the girl I wish the whole world could see.
But at the same time. I’m glad to be the thing, that will always belong to them.

My soulmates, my sisters from another family, my loves, my life.

I still can’t believe they can ever put up with me…cause let’s face it.
I’m a freakin’ handful!

– The proudest member of «The crazy crew».