«Anyone can give up. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand, if you fell apart. That’s true strength.»


After weeks with the world on my shoulders, and endless drops wasted.
With panic runing in my veins and anxiety filling up my fighting body.
Days only wanting to speak to my dog, medication and empty Words inside of my head.
I hit the limit.
The limit that is throwing me for a loop, trying to sending me right back up again.
Back to laughter, bad jokes and honesty like no other.
Back to me.

After bricks came flying at chest, filling my lungs up with dust.
I could finally breathe.
After fighting for air. I could feel my lungs fight.  Fight for the days that will come tomorrow.
For the love that is in every little thing I do.
And for the diamond, that lights up my whole room.

After a fall, you realize what it took to get you there.
What it took, to make you hit the ground, with your hands flying up in the air.
But at the same time…what it will take. To make you rise up again, like a skycraper to the sky.
What will make you fly, when you feel like crash landing.
And just who is strong enough to catch you, when you have no other choice but to let yourself go.

You know…Sometimes we need to fall. To be able to feel the wind under our wings.
And sometimes all it takes to realize , just how far you’ve come. Is a slap in the face.
Yeah, the world is getting good at doing just that.
But at the same time. I’m glad.
It shows me that there’s still a fighter living inside of my scratched, glued and stitched heart.
That just because something feels like it’s going to kill me right now, doesn’t mean it’s going to get to.
And that I will make it through my worst fears, because I will never again forget,
to just…Breathe.