People always tell me, I have my heart on my sleeve. My heart in my hand. My story for the whole world to read.
I guess theres some truth in those words… And a little more than some truth, in the words written on these blank pages of mine.
That you read everyday.
This heart of mine, may have been broken ten times over. It may have lost some beats.
And touched the bittersweet hand of anxiety.
But it’s still beating. Still going…And still on my side. Fighting the good fight, and kicking ass, while doing so.
Me and my heart, we are true fighters. True warriors. One hell of a team.
And it’s love like yours that keeps this team going.
You all have a little place, right here in my heart.
And I love you all…

For believing in me. For loving me. And most of all…
For reading the words I speak, through my words on this digital paper.

You mean more to me, than you will ever know. 



Photo: Wenche.
Edit: Katarina Olsen.
Spfx: Katarina Olsen.
Model: Katarina Olsen.
Look Inspired by: GlamAndGore.