This year turned out to be a hell of a rollercoaster of emotions.
Of ups and downs served up on a silver plater.

I must admit. 2015, has brought it’s share of pain, and headaches of the anxiety kind.
But when I sit here now, and look back at it all.
2015, also held a lot of dreams come true, and fairytale stories. That I will hold close to my heart, for a long time to come.

So in the honor of the new year, that is fast approaching. And the old year, that is coming to an end.
Here’s to all the moments, of good and bad.
For the year that will go down in the books, as the year, Your Carrie, started climbing to the top.
And the girl behind it, got to know her worth, just a little bit better.

To the year, my bad past turned into a song. The year, I got to feel just how sweet, revenge really do taste.
Here’s to the year, that taught me, that misfits can rise to the top, with the help of faith, strength and the power of a real dreamer.

This was the year I saw my favorite band for the first and last time (RIP my love, My Motley).
The year I made Halloween last a whole month. Wrote pieces, that has changed my life. And got to see a glimpse, of just what this story can become.
This was the year I finally grew my hair long, and realized that I just can’t do it. And cut it short a few weeks after I got it to the length i wanted (HEY! what can you do?).
This was the year, I got the real proof, of just how much it can really mean, to be a down to the core, crazy aunt. And  godmother to the best this world has ever seen.
(A & S, The world can use miracles like you two. I love you!)

2015 was the year of KaoticPanic Photography. A year of words from the deepest parts of my soul. A year for true down to the core strength.
This year was one of those, that taught me, just how strong I truly am.
But also taught me, how far I’ve come.
Even through battlecries, hard goodbyes, and all of the rollercoster rides, that has been my life. I’ve always tried my best to see every tear as lessons learned. Every bad day, as a promise of a good one to come. And well… Just tried to see, how far from the broken pieces beyond repair, I really am. Even though it has been anything but easy to see. And sometimes I don’t feel far enough away from it all.
I know deep inside, that I am not the same girl anymore.
I’m still getting to the good part…I’m in middle of the madness, still.
But I am moving along. Climbing. Crawling. Running….fighting.
But trust me, when I tell you this.
I am on my way, Darling!
This girl… well, she’s got plans. Dreams. And is too damn stubborn, to give up anytime soon.

There’s been some battles, this year.
It’s been some dreams.
There’s been scary parts. Trust broken. Faith found.
But you know what?

Tomorrow’s a new day. A new year… A new chapter of this twisted, but oh so exciting story.
That we get to call life.
We may not know, just what tomorrow brings. Or what is written, in the days to come.
But all we can ever do. Is get ready. Take a deep breath. And just jump into it, with an open mind, and a fearless spirit.
All we can do, is make the best of what we got. Keep going through what this world may throw our way. And take out our pencils, and draw up some changes on these pages.

I hope you all have a great new years eve. And that your new year, will be filled with all your wishes come true. A sky that is blue. And that you all know, just how much I love you.
Hey, look who can rime. Bet you didn’t know, I’m a poet, huh?! haha.

Anyways, my loves.

Have a great night, wherever you are. And A happy new year <3
Remember.. I love you! <3
And thank you all so much, for making my dreams come true this year.

All my love
Your Carrie.