December 31. 2015, my favorite band, Motley Crue, played their last show. The end was here, filled with bittersweet tears of rockers worldwide.
A day that will go down in history, as the day where a light shut off in the world of rock ´n roll… In my world.

Don´t get me wrong… I always knew this day was coming. Hell, we all knew that.
But that doesn´t mean, it made it any less hard, to wave goodbye to a piece of our story, that has made such a huge difference.
Not only in each of our lives, in music or even in the world. But in the story we all share.
The story of four sleezy rockers with a dream. Who made it, even through all the ups, downs and druged out trips down the sunset strip.
Few people would believe, that we would stand here 35 years later, with a graceful yet sleezy goodbye, Motley style. With all the members still alive.
Who the hell would have thought that a few years ago, huh? yeah…no one.

Even though I was late to the party, and didn´t get to run out to the record shop and get Dr.Feelgood the day it came out.
Or got drunk to the sound of Shout at the devil in the 80´s.
Doesn´t mean, that Motley, was any less part of my life.

I grew up on Motley. I fell in love with the crue, long before I could understand the stories behind the songs blasting out from my record player.
From a little girl in my mothers record collection, to a teenager with such anger towards the whole world. To a dreamer with a rocker heart down to the core.
These guys, have been with me through it all.
School days from hell, good times with the girls, and rising hell to the non believers of the world.
They have brought strength into my life. Power in my veins. And have laced up my rocker boots so tight, that I am bound for life.

To try and tell the stories that build up my love for this band, would take forever. And would be far too emotional for my hands to type.
I would´t even know where to start.
All I know is this; This band has played such a big part in my life. From the god to the bad. And just about anything in-between.
Their music have pushed me through the points of no return, just as much as their stories have been a proof that I can make it through anything.
Hell, if Nikki can die a couple times and live to tell about it. I can make it through the hell that was my school.

They have teached me, been lessons I haven´t had to learn the hard way. And have been an outlet for the girl I´ve always been, that very few saw.
Their songs have each played their part into the soundtrack of my life. From each guitar riff to bass line. To the drum solo´s that punched my face in a couple times.
All wrapped up with glam vocals that has had me screaming along at the top of my lungs, in my room for years.

Even though I only got to see Motley live one time. That night will always be imprinted in the back of my mind. For the rest of my life.
The night where I stared my gods in the face, and closed the book on a chapter in my life, that has ment more than many might realize.
It was the night where I found my twin soul in rockers old enough to be my parents. The night where I saw grown men with beards down to their chest, cry like babies.
And a night that made me feel anything but alone.
In that concert hall, in my favorite town. Stockholm. There were thousands of people, that made up a musical blanket, that warmed my heart, more than any words could explain.
That feeling. It´s just beyond words.

The one moment that will be the one I will always remember about my last night with Motley.
Will be «home sweet home», at the end… the encore of all encores.
Also, my ultimate favorite song.
The love around that arena, the lights lighting up the room from top to bottom. Mixed with the ocean of tears forming down my cheeks, and the tremble in my hands.
Will forever remain as a stand still moment in time, for me.
It was in that moment I realized just how much those four guys, really mean to me. How much they really ment to all of us standing there, with tear stained shirts and rock n´roll hearts.
You know…It´s amazing the power music can have. And the bonds that form, over the love of a beat.

Even though the story has come to an end, and the letters have stopped being typed.
Doesn´t mean, that we are by any means over.
Our stories will continue and our paths may just cross some day.
But together we will always stay, in the songs we used to play.

Tommy, Thank you for teaching me that it´s ok to be who ever the fuck i want to be. And that pure talent will always come out on top.
Mick, Thank you for showing me the true power of music. And that the sounds of a song, can speak louder than any words ever will.
Vince, Thank you for teaching me that just because I wear pink lipgloss and have blonde hair down to there. Doesn´t mean, I can´t still kick some serious ass.
And Nikki….I don´t even know how to begin to thank you. Thank you for being my hero, even though to the outside world, you just might seem to be anything other than just that. You have taught me the power of dreams, and sticking´to them. No matter what anyone says or what the hell happens in life. You have taught me to stick to my gut, speak my mind with no filter, and always be true to who I am.
Your words have helped me through the hardest times of my past, and will help me far beyond my future.
I am grateful beyond words. Thank you.

And finally…My Motley.
Thank you for always being there. Like a twisted comfort blanket dripping in Jack Daniels.
Like a kickstart to the heart, when I needed to get off my ass and just move on.
I will always think back on the years we shared on different parts of the world, but together in the love of music. With the fondest of memories.
I love you more than this beat up rockerchick heart, could ever begin to explain in writing. Or with words at all for that matter.
You will always be a part of my story. And a soundtrack to my life.
Without you, I´d be lost…
Thank you for everything! <3