Dipped in sparkle, born with the veins of a pure glitter goddess. 
As strong as her crispy messy curls, but with a heart as red as her ruby lips.
Her tricks may push her to the other side of the world, for the passion that glows in her eyes. 

And though she may be born to drip some blood from the edges of her beaten heart,
she chooses to sparkle with a grace that few may have ever seen in her.

She walks through life with a strut worth the envy and a fighter spirit that can change the world. 
You may want to stare, hide under the covers, or you just might want a little taste of her sweet sweet cherry pie. 
But don´t you ever dare mess up a girl´s makeup, Darling! :*

Photos & Edit: Katarina Olsen.
Makeup & Wig styling: Katarina Olsen. 
Model: Katarina Olsen.