Some of us might be chasing the superhero dream, at the age of five or just past seventeen.
I know for me, I am still counting the stars, waiting for superman to come and pick me up in his arms.
They say some of us are born to lead, some of us to follow. But what about us who just wants to pick up our cape and try to fly.
I believe in the greatness inside of us all, but my heart belongs to those who dare to get up and not be afraid to fall.
At five, my hero might have been wearing a cape, filling up the silver screen. Or living in a doll house that belongs to a little girls dream.
But my eyes grew bigger, my heart got wide and I realized that the hero I was looking for was trapped inside.
So I let her fly and I let her go, into the world so she could grow.

We might not live in the movies, we might not have the capes. But does that have to mean that we can´t still save the day?.
Cause what if Cinderella had to save herself, what if superman had to make his own cape.
Would you have read the story or just turned the page.
I know my answer, do you? 


Photo & Edit: Katarina Olsen
Model: Liam