A real life version of a plastic Barbie doll, driving along Hollywood Boulevard.
Inside of her trunk is a suitcase of junk from her long night yesterday in the shadows.
Filled with lashes and wigs, this could mean lots of things. But her home is somewhere at a famous drag show.
She was born to put that glitter on her face, born to walk the halls with grace, and make fun out of the ones who try to hate her.
Stepping out in tall white pumps, she throws up her hot pink bow in the air, and takes on the world around her like a winner.
She was born a queen, a master of laughter, and a dream for all the ones who will come driving after.
From the other side of a screen, she has inspired millions like me, and she will keep doing so for one more season.
We are all along for the ride, to Rupaul´s race we drive, with that trunk filled up with jokes, love and passion.
I may not be a star on tv, may not be a born drag queen, but I am always on your side for a reason.


Trixie, I adore you <3 



Photos & Edits: Katarina Olsen
Makeup & Styling: Katarina Olsen
Model: Katarina Olsen
Look: Trixie Mattel