Hidden in her eyes is a true lovers cry, for the rhythm of a beat that could sweep a girl of her feet. 
Dressed in a good girl disguise filled up with love, lust and lies, the truth of a bottle, is lingering on her tounge. 
The smallest bite of her lipgloss painted smile, is the answer to the wine stained love story that made him want to stay. 
She may not have been what he needed, he might not have been the one for her. 
But sometimes you just got to play with fire, to get a little burned. 
She may have been toxic, but he brought a fire to the flame. 
So it may not be forever, but you will forever remember her name. 



Photo & Edit: Katarina Olsen
Makeup: Katarina Olsen
Model: Katarina Olsen
Words: Katarina Olsen
Inspiration: Toxic Valentine by All Time Low