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We live through scars

Processed with MoldivIt’s been about two and a half years, since I seeked help for my problems.
Since I took the first step, that we all know, is always gonna be the hardest.
The hardest part of a journey, into something so bad, so good, so beyond hard, but yet more powerful, than words could ever express.

I’ve come a long way from that girl. Who after years in the the dark, finally asked for some help, to dig out some light.
A helping hand, to find the way back to her dreams. And to get back to the girl, who would never let anything, or anyone, stand in her way.

I’m glad to say that today, I feel strong. Stronger.
I’m still working on myself. Still working on getting all the pieces to fit back together again.
And though I know, that I still have so much fucked up thoughts, emotions and fears, inside of my head.
I still keep at it.
I mean, don’t get me wrong… My brain is still working on overtime at times.
And I feel like screaming out loud, at least once a day. But I’m getting there.

I’m on my way…. To whatever lies ahead for me, and my dreams.
If that adds up to a family life. My own business, or prince charming, who holds the key to my Barbie dream house. Who knows?
But, to be deep down honest with you. I don’t really care.

As long as I’m healthy, and I have good people by my side.
I will be happy.

As long as I can stand proud, and say that I am staying strong, even through everything that has happend in my life.
Everything else will just be the icing, on this bittersweet cake, that is life.

I’m proud of myself for fighting. For standing on my own two feet. And for finally showing the world, that I have a voice.
If you would have asked me a few years ago, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you, if I would still be alive.

I’m glad that I didn’t give up. I’m so glad I took that first step. Even though it scared me more, than I could ever begin to tell you. Even if admiting out loud, that I couldn’t do it on my own. Shook me to my very core.
I’m so glad I did it.

Even though I’m not a 100% where I want to be in life, just yet.
I can feel the pieces slowly coming together. And everyday, a new opportunity rises.
To think that, if I had given up. None of the things that are now happening in my life, would even matter. It would just be lost dreams, and empty words, heard by no one.
I’m so glad, that I from a young age, was taught what it ment to be strong. And that my mama didn’t raise no quiter. She raised a fighter.
Thank you, Mom!

It’s been two years since I got out of treatment.
Since I was dropped back into the real world, to handle it myself.
I remember being so scared, walking out of the doors to the house, I left a bit of my soul in.
The room I left my armor in.
To walk out with no protection. No armor. No «safety».
I walked out of those doors, a confused, scared, happy, and half put together, girl.
Who didn’t know what the future would hold.
Who didn’t know if she would even make it, on her own.
But she was stronger than the girl who walked in those doors, the first time.
And for that she was greatful. Proud. And powerful.

I made a promise to myself that day.
That even through ups and downs. Good days and bad nights.
I would never ever let my self stop fighting, again.

That OCD monster inside of my head, almost killed me once.
Never again!

The girl I was born, and the girl I have become, will never allow herself to become that weak again.

I’ve come way too far, to back down and give in now.
The broken pieces might still be stuck, in the corners of my mind.
And I might not be done, with the monsters inside my head.

But I’m dusting it out everyday. I’m fighting against it. And I’m showing the world, and myself, everyday.
That just because life threw lemons, like bombs at my heart.
Doesn’t mean, I can’t make lemonade, someday.

I might not be able to say that I’ve been 2 years sober.
But In a way… I have.

I slip. I fall. I cry. And I feel weak, sometimes.
But I always get back up, and throw those god damn lemons in a pile.
Because someday, this girl…Is gonna show the world, what she’s made of.
While sippin’ on, one heck of a big glass, of bittersweet lemonade.


#DearMe: A Letter to my younger self <3


Dear Katarina.

How are you? Are you doing ok?

I know things are too much for you, right now.
And, I know there’s a lot of thoughts running through your head like Fireballs. Your mind is working on overdrive every single day. I know.

You’re tired. You’re angry. You’re sad. You’re trying. You’re failing. You’re broken.
So many things in your life is unfair. Cruel, difficult and it’s starting to take a real toll on you.
It’s not ok…but you will be.

I know you think you can controll the world by the touch of your hands.
That you can keep the whole world you depend on, safe. If you just sleep with one eye open.
And never let anyone close enough to hurt you.
This sort of thinking, will set itself deep inside your body, and will be the doubting voice inside your head, for years to come.
It will be the thoughest war you’ll fight. But trust me, little darling.
It will make you so much stronger, than you ever could dream of being.
It will feel like it’s going to kill you. And to be honest….it almost will.
But you will stand up and fight, against the voices and doubt inside your mind.
Just like you’ve always been told to.  Cause Mama didn’t raise no quiter.

Your thought pattern will turn into a dissorder and you will feel like it’s the end of the world.
It’s not.
You will find the strength inside of you, to find the silver lining in it all. And will use your pain, your sleepless nights and your fighter spirit. To help others, and to be a rolemodel for the ones around you.

You feel like everyone is against you, and that school will end up killing you.
It’s bad. It’s useless. And you feel like no matter how loud you scream on the inside of those four walls. No one in there will ever care enough to look up.
You feel like you’re talking to empty walls, and that no one will ever understand what its like for you. To be called names, to have your things stolen. To have your books flying across the classroom or to be shoved into a wall.  What it’s like to be called fat, EVERYDAY,  and to feel sick to your stomach every single morning. Even on the weekends. Because you know whats coming.

It’s bad.
And it will stay in your mind, for a long time after you leave those school walls behind.
But it will turn you into a fighter. It will make you into an honest and thickskinned woman with an attitude. You will one day be able to say «fuck you»,  to all the ones that now feel like they’re going to kill you with their words.
You will prove to them, to yourself and to the world. That what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger, in the end.
Listen to your mothers words. «Don’t get mad. Get even!».
Because those words will keep your heart strong, and will be the words you use to keep your cool, when things become too much.
You will prove to them one day, that a quite little girl can become a powerful voice…all on her own.
Stick with it, stick up for yourself, and don’t give up, little one.
You’ll make it out alive and you will find a way to inspire the world around you.
The school that almost killed you, will need you later on. For things you could never see coming. So keep your head up, smile and laugh at the ones who are dumb enough to pick on, a girl like you.

When they call you, a poor mans daughter and askes you how you could afford that car.
Turn the other cheek. And be glad for your «humble» beginings in life.
Be thankful, that you know what it’s like to have close to nothing.
Because it will turn out to give you lessons, you’ll need more than anything.
It will make you feel humble, when life finally gives you some lemonade.
And will have you thanking god, for letting you have the things you have.


You feel like you need to be like everyone else. Have to have the latest designer bag.
Those new shoes at the mall, or the new powder that they all keep talking about.
I know why you feel it. I know they keep making you think, that if you had all of those things. You would finally be a part of their group.
You wouldn’t.
And to be honest. You’re better off anyway.
Being popular doesn’t make you a better person. It doesnt even make you a good person to start with.
Being a part of their click, isn’t the place for you. Not because you’re not worth it. But because you’re better than that.
You’re ment to do something more, than just be the promqueen and the coolest girl in the schoolyard.

I know you want to walk around like you own the school. Just like they do.
So get up from the concrete, push your nose up to the sky, and walk around that schoolyard like its the catwalk in Milano.
You deserve just as much as she does to walk around like that.
Designer purse or not. Who the fuck cares?!.
Be proud of yourself.
Even if you don’t wear size 0 and don’t have your Daddy’s money to depend on.

Don’t be so afraid to be yourself and to make a fool out of yourself.
You’ll thank me later.

Trust me, It’s not the end of the world, if someone sees you fall over. Or if someone hears what you’re saying to your bestfriend.
Speak up and be proud of the words in your mind.
One day, they will save lives.


Music is your escape. Your safeplace and the only friend, in the times where you feel the most alone.
Keep it close to you, cause it will end up saving your life.
On that lonely fucked up September day, a few years from now. Where you’re so close to the edge, you can feel the ocean underneath you, pull you in. The words to a song, will pull you back up on the cliff and keep you safe. It will make you find the spirit, that you thought you lost at 13.  You will rise up, like a skyscraper.

The ones you think are your friends now. Will not always be there…
Even though you feel like they’re your world…things will change. You will change.
And some will grow up to hurt you. Even if you’ve given them your entire world.
I know that hurts you to hear.
But don’t you worry. You will find friends, that are better than what any teenage drama, could ever throw you.
You will find friends, that will give up all they have, just to hold your hand, when you need them the most. And that will be your rock, when you’re shaking to the core.
They will guide you through the dark and will never ever judge you, even when the rest of the world won’t hasitate to do so.

Remember, Just because you say, «Bestfriends Forever» doesn’t mean «till death do us part».
But you will find someone that will keep a hold on your heart. And that will be the twin sister you never got.
All you have to do is look over to the other side of that filled up schoolyard.


And most of all, little me.

Never lose the one you are… cause you….. You’re pretty damn great.
Be proud of what makes you different and never let anyone judge you for having dreams.
For fighing for yourself and your beliefs.  Or for being your mothers daughter.

You will go on, to do some amazing things. Meet some wonderful people, that will make you glad you didn’t give up.
And most of all. You’ll write a story, you never could have imagined.

You will become a protective big sister. A beyond proud aunt,  and an even prouder daughter, than you are now.
You will get to see your favorite bands,  climb the mountains in your mind, and write pieces that will move the world.
You will change the world, one photo at a time. And you will show everyone, that with a creative mind, nothing is too far out of reach.

I know you think, that you can’t do this.
But trust me.. you can! and you will!

I believe in you, little me.
Now, you start believing in yourself….

Go out there, and show ’em what you’re made of!
You can do this!



BSB the Movie: Show ’em what you’re made of!

«Hey! We’re not gonna let you forget about us!»


Siden 90 tallet har vi trofast stått ved deres side.
I gode stunder, som i dårlige. Sykdom som i velstand. Fra toppen av verden til bunnen av den mørkeste flaske.
Det har helt klart vært en berg og dalbane.
Men sammen har vi stått sterke og bevist for alle, at Backstreet boys, er så mye mer enn bare et boyband.

Men igår kveld var en ny opplevelse.
I steden for utenfor hoteler, på konsert arenaer eller klistret foran tv’en. Så satt vi nå samlet i kinosaler over hele Europa. Klistret til den store skjermen, med popcornet i ene hånden og colaen i den andre. For å se en del av historien til guttene vi alle elsker så mye, På «the big screen».

Selv ble jeg sittende imellom min syngende og overivrige Mamma og en ensom trubadur av en hardcore BSB fan.
Just my Luck?!
Fra sangene spilt før filmen begynte, igjennom hele filmen og til intimkonserten på slutten, var det full allsang fra mine to vakre sangfugler.
Jeg må innrømme, det var vanskelig og ikke la seg smitte. Av den gode stemmningen, sangene jeg kan hvert eneste ord av og den vakre sangen til mine live acts på hver side.
Så jeg ga litt faen og dro meg med som background vocals jeg også.
Jeg sier som Mamma, erru på konsert, så erru på konsert! ;)

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Filmen var et innblikk i en reise, som brakte alle følelser frem hos de fleste av oss.
Fra latterkrampe så vannet spruta, til  krampegråt som fylte opp brilleglassene mine med tårer, mens sjokoladen smeltet på innsiden av jakkelommen min.
Fra smil bredere enn ansiktet mitt til medfølelse dypere enn jeg trodde mulig og skriking til kinolerretet.
Minner kom på løpende bånd for hver sang som ble spilt og øyeblikk man kanskje hadde glemt eller gjemt bort i den mørkeste krok av sitt hode, kom til live igjen.
Mens kjærligheten til det bandet som kanskje reddet livet ditt en gang, eller som bare fikk deg igjennom en dag på en koselig måte.
Ikke kunne blitt større.

Det var en hjertekjærende, hjertevarmende, sterk,ærlig, morsom, og  personlig dokumentar. Akkuratt som de fem gutta som fortalte historien.
Den viste så mange sider av BSB som kanskje ikke alle andre vet, og som kanskje hele verden skulle sett. Da kunne de få se de gutta vi kjenner og elsker.
I det minste kanskje kunne fått litt mer respekt, for et band som har vært igjennom så utrolig mye, som har jobbet så utrolig hardt. Og som har en karriere så mye lenger, enn de fleste sa de skulle klare, på 90-tallet.

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Jeg vet for meg selv, at jeg gikk ut av den kino salen i går, med så stor stolthet at mitt hjerte nesten føltes ut som om det skulle sprenge.
Stolthet for guttene, for musikken, for fansen, for kampene de har kjempet  seg igjennom og for drømmen vi alle delte når denne reisen begynte.

Disse fem guttene har betydd så mye for meg i løpet av årene.
De har vært en så stor del av over halvparten av mitt liv.
Jeg har vokst opp med dem… De har vært soundtracket til alt som har skjedd i livet mitt. De små stundene, de store og alle de imellom.
Deres ord har vært de jeg alltid har trengt og høre. Og deres melodier har lysnet opp selv de mørskete av dager.
De har vært mine bestevenner når jeg ikke hadde noen, vært mine pekepiler når jeg mistet min vei, og vært det sparket i rompa jeg har trengt for å komme meg videre.

Jeg kan ikke si annet enn at disse gutta betyr mer for meg, enn mange av dere noen gang kommer til å forstå.
Jeg er så stolt av å kalle meg selv en fan og av å kalle disse fem mine helter.


It’s a Backstreet thing, Okay?!


«Never mind what people say, cause they don’t understand. How you left a permenant stain on my heart. You’re never leaving it!».


This is how we do: The crazy adventures of big city nerds!

I dag var dagen hvor jeg og min bestevenninne, Marte, inntok storbyen.
For litt shopping og etterlengtet BFF-time.

Og tro meg…shopping skulle det bli….


Fra butikk til butikk bar det, med nye varer i posene for hvert skritt vi tok.
Vakker hud ble lagt på Urban Decay, drømme øyenskygger ble kjøpt, jeg fant min indre nerd iblant tegneserie heftene
og den nesten 2 meter høye Iron man figuren vi fant.


Før vi viste ordet av det, tok vi Friday’s by storm, ved lunsj tider.
Snakkisen forsatte ved lunsj bordet, mens mine øyne hvilte på den vakre kreasjonen vi kunne kalle vår servitør.
Marte derimot var opptatt med å fundere på hvem som sang over høytalerne og om hvor bra min nye foundation egentlig så ut i dette lyset.


Med god mat innenbords, bar det videre på mer butikktitting og sladder igjennom gatene.
Latter utbrudd fylte dagen og morsome kommentarer var alltid på lur.
Hey! det er bare sånn det er med oss, I guess….
Ekke noe snakk om å være sur på tur her i gården, nei!.


Det var med slitene ben, fastfood i bagen og kaffen hengende fra hånden at vi satte oss på det gamle togsettet. Med rettning hjemover.

Etter en lang dag med masse inntrykk, nye produkter i posene og en del latterbrøl. Kaffekick, kjekke gutter og IRON MAN!
Var det godt og komme seg hjem til joggebuksen og hettegenseren.
Som trygt lå å ventet i skuffen, når jeg kom hjem.

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Det har vært en helt fantastisk dag, som har gjennoppbygget min tro på begrepet «Soumates».
Jeg vet egentlig ikke om jeg tror på den fantasien. Om at det finnes en der ute som skal være din likemann, ditt livs store kjærlighet. Din tvillingsjel.
Men hvis jeg skulle tro på det hele.
At det finnes en av disse der ute, for meg….
Så tror jeg det må være hun jenta her.

I mine øyne er det ikke nødvendigvis «Prince Charming», som er den store kjærligheten.
Eller den som er crazy nok til å kunne være MIN tvillingsjel.
Only a really good bestfriend, can do that job!

Jeg er så utrolig heldig som har en sånn som Marte, i livet mitt.
She’s truly special. One of a kind. And a fucking lifesaver.
I don’t know what I would ever do without her.
I don’t need a superhero to save me….she already did.



A Diamond is born: Tårer fra verdens stolteste tante.

Dagen igår vil gå ned i historien som en av de stolteste dagene i mitt liv.
Nemlig dåpsdagen til min lille diamant, Amalie.

Det var med tårer i øyekroken, kjærlighet langt inne i hjerteroten og stolthet
så stor at jeg er sikker på det stod «Verdens stolteste Tante» i pannen min.
At jeg igår fikk den store ære av å bli fadder til min lille skatt.  Min mini bestevenn.


Jeg er så heldig. Så ubeskrivelig lykkelig for at jeg får ha denne vakre lille jenta i mitt liv.
Hun er noe helt for seg selv. Jeg vet alle sier det om sine nieser. Men i mitt tilfelle er det sant. (JA, jeg vet alle sier nok det også!!).
Men hun her har helt klart allerede fått sin tante surret rundt sine bittebitte små fingre.
Og jeg har intet problem med det, overhode. Alt er helt som det skal, tror ikke du det, lillemor?!.

Den følelsen jeg får av å se henne smile, høre henne le eller se henne titte etter mitt ansikt i et hav av mennesker. Er noe jeg aldri kommer til å klare å sette ord på.
Det betyr hele verden, for et stakkars lite Tante hjerte.
Mer enn hun aner…

Processed with Moldiv

Jeg håper at jeg en dag kan bety halvparten så mye for henne, som hun allerede betyr for meg.  Det er mitt aller største ønske.
Jeg vet hvor mye en god tante , kan betyr. Jeg har sett det på nært hold.
Så det er mitt største håp, at jeg kan være det for henne. At Amalie vil føle seg like heldig en dag.
Og at hun vet, at hun alltid vil ha en tante som vil være der for henne, uansett hva livet skulle sende på døren.
Remember.. I said, Always!

Processed with Moldiv
Lille jenta mi.
Gratulerer så mye med dåpsdagen din.

Jeg gleder meg, mer enn jeg kan noen gang forklare, til fremtiden din, Amalie.
Fremtiden vår.
Til å se deg vokse opp og kunne holde din hånd igjennom det hele.
Sammen har vi så mye i vente. Så mye som skal oppleves, utforskes og skapes.
Sammen skal vi overvinne hele greia, Ikke sant?!

You got me, I got you.
And nothing can come between, You and I.

I love you, Diamond!


Drugstore perfume and Teenage heroes


Fra første tone av «I’m not okay (I promise)», var jeg solgt.
De endeløse favorittene fra platen «The black parade» ble fort soundtracket til noen av mine sterkeste minner.
Og sangene som etterfulgte, ble fort en del av mine mange spillelister.

Sammen med Gerard Way og mine venner har jeg sunget NANANANA det høyeste jeg klarer.
Vi har truffet bunnen og sakte men sikkert krabbet oss opp igjen.
Dyttet stemmene i hodet ut og erstattet det med ord av følelser og sterkhet.
Denne mannen har i flere år vært en inspirasjon for meg og så mange andre rundt i verden.
Som har sett til nettopp han for trøst, ærlighet, stil tips eller bare for å se en de kan kjenne seg igjen i. På godt og vondt.
Han har forandret flere liv enn jeg tror han selv er klar over og har mer innflytelse enn de fleste skulle tro.

Det var spesielt, da jeg i går kveld skulle endelig få se en av mine største tenåringshelter live for første gang.

Kvelden ble på mange måter til en mimre kveld.
Selv om det ikke var My chemical romance som stod på scenen den kvelden.
Så var det en person, som har vært en så stor del av mitt liv og mine tenårings år.
Det er utrolig og tenke på hvor langt vi har kommet.
Ikke bare han og jeg, men også alle de andre som sovnet med MCR på ørene.
Som farget håret i knall sterke farger, smalt i dører og var skolens underdogs.
I guess we grew up, huh?!.

Noen av oss har fortsatt spor av de sterke fargene skinnene i håret. Noen av oss er forsatt underdogs og de fleste av oss søker forsatt tilflukt i musikken vår.
Akuratt som vi gjorde den gang da.

Det var rørende og se hvordan vi alle har vokst opp. Kommet oss over så mange hindere som stod i vår vei. Og at vi forsatt kan stå sammen, for det vi elsker aller mest.


Jeg tenkte mye på den 15-16år gamle versjonen av meg selv, på veien hjem fra konserten igår kveld.
Den såre, mørke og kjempende tenårings jenta, som satt på rommet sitt med stereo anlegget skrudd så høyt at veggene ristet.
Hun som skrudde av verden med den dunkende lyden av gitarer og tekster om å hate verden.
Med blyanten i hånden og eyeliner tykt rundt sine småøyne sperret hun ut omverden og trykket alle følelser bort.
Hun som hadde begynt å leve sitt liv etter dunking i veggen. Antall ganger noe ble satt ned eller hvor mange skritt hun tok.
The start of a broken toy. 

Selv om jeg har lagt mange sider av denne jenta på hylla med årene, så husker jeg forsatt hvordan hun følte seg. Hva hun tenkte.
Det er rart for meg og tenke at den jeg har blitt, er den samme personen som hun jeg føler meg som hver gang jeg hører stemmen til Gerard.
Det er i situasjoner som gårdagens, da han snakket om temaet mental helse og det tabu det forsatt er på nettopp dette.
At jeg innser hvor mye jeg har forandret meg.
Det var med tårer i øynene jeg hørte på en av mine ungdomshelter snakke ut om noe av det som står mitt hjerte nærmest.
Høre han si de ordene jeg som tenåring hadde ønsket og høre, fra nettopp han.
Det var noe helt spesielt. Og jeg håper virkelig at han utfører mirakler med sine ord.
At nettopp hans ord kan redde de som står i samme type situasjon som han gjorde.
Som jeg gjorde eller som så mange andre har gjør før de.

Det ble til en minneverdig kveld, dekket i stolthet.
For meg selv.
For de rundt meg i den salen.
Og ikke minst for han…..


Mr.Way…. You’re one of a kind. A talent beyond words and a hero worthy of the world.
Thank you for showing me it’s ok, to want to be something else..something more.

Pieces of me

Lovely food and good wine. Music from another world, and twin dancing til the end of the night.
Lipstick stains on broken glasses and empty bottles covering the countertops.
It may not have started as a party, but that sure was what it became.
A party of bestfriends and memories. Latenight skypecalls and endless school day memories facing the surface.
Dance moves that should not be aloud at any dancefloor what so ever. And sing-a-long songs that most would have forgotten with time.
But not us… No, not us.
Us, were an escape from the cruel cruel world once. Us, is the start of something new.
Us, is a safe place to land. The blanket that will always feel like home.

The night started out slightly underdressed, but ended, being dressed head to toe in love.
With friendships I hold dear, closer to my heart than ever.
And with pieces of myself, shifting into place, all on their own.

It was good to know. That even though so much has changed in my life, and in myself…
Some pieces of me, never will.

I will always be the bestfriend my girls choose to love. I will always play my music way too loud and sing at the top of my lungs, to the songs I love the most.
And last but not least… a part of me will always be the colourful soul of a girl, that wore studded belts and listened to songs about hating the world.
I guess thats just who I am… and I feel proud now to say, that I always will be THAT GIRL!

I still can’t believe how far we’ve come from those three girls that started high school together.
The three musketeers that gave names to the benches at the mall.
That laughed so loud, the theachers wanted to kick us out. And that gave it all to stay together, through it all.

I love these girls, more than they will ever know.
They are two of the people I can be myself a 100% with…which is not an easy thing for me to do.  Trust me.

I trust these girls with everything I am, and every thought in my mind.
And they’ve never judged me for it…well, at least not to my face that is.

They got to know me in a time where I barely wanted to know myself.
They took me into their arms back then, and haven’t let go yet… even though I’ve made it anything but easy for them, to hold me down.
They became friends with a little baby bird with a broken wing, too scared to fly.
But they’ve stucked by me and held me up when I was too scared to take a leap of faith.
They’ve pushed me to reach the highest brances and made me believe that someday I will fly like an eagle.
Proud and fearless.

They know me for the girl I really am….the girl I wish the whole world could see.
But at the same time. I’m glad to be the thing, that will always belong to them.

My soulmates, my sisters from another family, my loves, my life.

I still can’t believe they can ever put up with me…cause let’s face it.
I’m a freakin’ handful!

– The proudest member of «The crazy crew».