Who is Carrie?

The story of Carrie began 27 years ago, on a warm summer morning in June. Just like the sun that raised that morning, she was born to shine.
She grew up fast in a world that seemed to move forward at the speeding rate of a motorcross bike or a speeding plane. But though life from an early age always seemed to hand her a stack of cards that was stacked against her. She chose to rise above the voices, the heartbreak and the battles with her head held high and her middle finger up in the air. She always knew she was born for something more than what the empty voices in the school yard, the doctors in their offices, or the rest of the world tried to tell her she was worth. Raised like the strong woman her mother is, she faces the battles she is handed with grace, with passion and with the fire of a lion. Cause Mama didn´t raise no god damn fool.

She grew up chasing the dreams in her heart and the passion in her mind. Whether they were living in a house out of a Barbie dream house childhood dream, marrying a rockstar, or start to sing. Dreams are the fighting fuel that keeps her going through the motions and back up again to scratch. The light that shines inside her heart, that make her the woman who never gives up, even though everybody else would´t blame her if she did.

From the age that she was old enough to hold a pencil, writing became a big part of her life. Escaping the world around her, she held on to that pencil and piece of paper for dear life, and wrote down all the different pieces of the girl she saw in the mirror. The good. The Bad. The unbelievable, and the ugly.
She wrote her tears away, wrote her smile back, and wrote down the diary that one day just might save the life of someone else out there, that now walks in her old shoes. The story has been changed, went back to one and started back up again way too many times for anyone to keep track of. But the 27 chapters written to date, is a story nobody would believe could happen to a girl like the one you think you know.

This is the story of a dreamer finding her way through life, from her big city roots and far beyond her childhood dreams of one day becoming the female Eric Forester. It´s a story about the hope of someday taking all that saved up pixie dust, and turn it into some truly magical pages, that just might change the world someday. It is the story of a girl fighting with the world, the doubters and her own mind, but finding her way through it all, one word at a time. This is the story of a little girl that turned into a warrior. The shy little girl from the back of the classroom, that turned into a the woman that speaks up against all odds. It is a story about passion, about finding your voice and about getting creative, no matter what anyone wants to tell you that you can’t do. This is a story about a daughter. A sister. An Aunt. A best friend. A lover. A fighter, and just about a million things in-between. This is a story about life, about love, and about a dream. This is the story about me.

My name is Katarina, and I am your Carrie.



What is YourCarrie?

YourCarrie is more than a website. More than just a blog or another URL in your net browser.
YourCarrie is a place where dreamers rule the school, where creativity runs in our veins, and the backbone of it all, is a team made out of unbelievable people. Cause even though this blog may only be made out of the girl writing this and the dreams in her mind. The meaning of YourCarrie means so much more than just a name or a single voice. Together we have formed a team. Me, my family, my friends and you.
You , the lovely people reading these words, my Peeps <3

Over the years I have shared my life with all of you. The good and the bad. My ups, my downs, successes and failures. Hair colors and style changes, and just about every other little memory, that now holds the dearest places in my heart. We were never ment to be just blogger-readers, you and I. No, we are ment to be a team. A team that every year puts on one hell of a Halloween celebration in the «This is Halloween series», and a Christmas that is Hallmark worthy in «Christmas with Carrie».  We are a team that shows the world that underdogs will win, dreamers make it happen, and that different is beautiful. We are a team that shares, fights, love and takes chances even though we sometimes fall flat on our faces. We are a team that have each others backs and that never leaves anyone in the dark, and for that I am beyond proud. I know that no matter what happens, what may come my way, there is no chance that I could ever do it without each and every one of you, #TeamYourCarrie <3

So you want to know what YourCarrie is? Well, YourCarrie is place for dreamers of any age, sex, background, skin tone or sexuality. It`s a place to let go, to learn. To fight, to love, to stay strong and to move on. It is a place where you can escape the world around you, and know that no matter what, no dreams are too far out of reach, here. YourCarrie is the blog I wish I had when I was a teenager, the creative outlet I have always needed and the team I always wanted to be a part of <3

So the real question you should ask yourself is; Are you in











© Katarina Olsen Yourcarrie